5 types of blog posts

Keep it interesting for your readers. Mix it up for them. Don’t just write one kind of blog … it can get a little boring. Try using these different types of posts.

  • How To: Everyone wants to learn how to do something new. Give them a good “how to” article, step-by-step instructions … 5 Ways to do … or 5 Tips. Show that you know what you’re talking about. People are always going out to Google to search for “how to do” something. Find out what that is and give it to them.
  • Expert Interviews: Would your readers  like to hear from a quote-unquote expert in your field? You don’t always need to find a celebrity or well-known guru to interview. Consider professors or fellow bloggers or maybe it’s someone who does a radio broadcast. Look at keynote speakers in your area. But don’t pitch your business and be sure to acknowledge that person for the time they give you.
  • Reviews:  Help your readers make a decision. Do a product review. Or review a book. Share tips or stories from it to entice readers and support your review.
  • News: Think like a magazine publisher. Bring the news that matters most to your readers. You don’t need to be the first to break the news, but summarize – write a weekly “round-up” where you give top stories of the week or of a topic.
  • Opinions: It’s easy to agree with what someone is saying. Not so much when you don’t agree. Nothing wrong with giving your opinion. Creates some healthy tension. Be confident of your opinion, but tread lightly, too. Being too assertive or aggressive on your stance can impact the level of trust you’ve built.

BONUS! Have fun. Posting something fun – maybe it’s a video or image – shows your personality. Make others laugh, smile or chuckle. Great way to make a post viral. But as with opinion type blogs, be careful with the fun ones. Don’t get too risqué or off-color. Don’t risk offending your readers.

And, if you don’t know what your target customers want, just ask. Or test. See what resonates. Generates traffic, questions – even conversions to customers.

What other types of blog posts would you add to the list?

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